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New Smartload features introduced in September:

1. Quick adding of loads - by entering the settings and then in the project features, you can select the option of quickly adding loads. After defining a new load, the application immediately places it in the cargo space.

2. Load visibility settings - to select load borders, go to settings, and then to units and appearance. The visibility of the loads border can be set using the slider. Thanks to this, loads will be more or less visible on the visualization, depending on the needs.


3. Grid and measure - click the grid symbol to add. Then you will go to the settings, select the appropriate units, the size of the grid and its visibility. You can check the option to only display the mesh or mesh with the measure. This function is useful, for example, when stacking thin loads, such as walls.

4. Adding loads by order - by entering the settings, you can also select the "Keep loading order" option, thanks to which the program will treat the order of loads with a higher priority during loading, even at the expense of space optimization. This means that the application does not change the order of loads - the first load added is at the beginning and the last one at the end of the load space. After selecting the desired option, click save. Remember to turn on this feature before adding loads.


For more detailed information on all functions, please refer to our user manual available in the Help tab.