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Find place for additional load

Arrange the same loads, taking up to 24% less space

Each 100 km with 33 pallets equals to more than PLN 500

1 empty pallet position is a loss of even 200 PLN per each 1000 km

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Save pallet arrangements for your regular customers and go back to them in an instant


Smart algorithm will arrange your load. You can make adjustments


Calculate in a flash if you can add a load. Eurostat estimates that 35% of vehicles in Europe run empty. SmartLoad will allow you to quickly determine if your vehicle accommodates an additional load. Do not include non-standard pallets on a sheet of paper. SL will do it for yourself — in the blink of an eye!

Reduce costs up to

See the benefits for you

of using Smartload

Smartload functions

Use the entire vehicle space

Provide LDM and m3 on a regular basis

When you add subsequent SmartLoad provides you with occupied and available cargo space in the vehicle. SmartLoad also displays occupied and available vehicle internal volume in m3. You will know right away if another load will fit!

Pallet groups in different colours

When providing additional loads, pallets belonging to individual customers can have different colours. Stackable and non-stackable pallets can have their own particular colours. Clarity and legibility of a loading plan will facilitate your work.

Active and passive pallet stackability

Active PA — a pallet that can be placed on another stackable pallet.

Passive PP — a pallet on which another pallet can be placed.

Each pallet can have any of the aforementioned features. It can also have none or both of them. If a pallet has both of these features, it can be placed on another pallet and another pallet can be placed on top of it. A pallet having none of these features must be placed on the floor uncovered.

Load height and weight inspection

A key element of load optimisation is the efficient use of space with regard to load length — LDM. It is additionally provided with load height inspection (with 1 cm accuracy) allowing the cargo space to be used in full. With SmartLoad your vehicle will not return empty to the depot.

SmartLoad also monitors load weight and compares it to the vehicle weight. If the permissible weight is exceeded, the software displays a relevant message.


Arrange in 3D customised pallet and vehicle dimensions

You will arrange standard pallets in your head in a minute. Problems occur when you have several types of non-standard pallets. It is no obstacle for us — enter pallet dimensions and quickly add them, and you will immediately get feedback if they fit in a specific vehicle.

Types of transport vehicles

Types of transport vehicles
The goal and task of a freight forwarder is to properly select cargo space suitable for specific goods.

Pallet dimensions and types

Pallet dimensions and types
The following pallet types and dimensions are available

Loading planner for freight forwarding and transport for professional use

Loading planner for freight forwarding and transport for professional use
Arranging cargo or pallets on the trailer is not a problem on a sheet of paper, if the pallets have standard dimensions. This is quite easy on a standard vehicle. It is easy to see how many pallets will fit into the truck. Difficulties begin when we have an unusual vehicle and an unusual load.


Questions? Just ask!