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Advantages of full truck loads

Advantages of full truck loads

In full truckload transport, the principal pays for the entire cargo space, regardless of how much space the given goods take up, unlike groupage transport. This solution gives many benefits for the carrier and the customer.

Filling the entire cargo space with goods allows you to avoid additional costs and possible delays in transport. This solution is usually chosen when the goods occupy a significant part or the whole of the trailer, because otherwise it would be unprofitable. For large companies, full truck load (FTL - Full Truck Load) is often the only appropriate solution, due to the transport of huge amounts of goods. FTL transport is chosen when transporting ADR goods (dangerous goods) and goods requiring transport at a constant temperature. In the case of top-load (LTL) transport, this would not be possible.

Advantages of full truck loads

- Speed delivery, which is due to the lack of several unloading points along the route. The goods are delivered directly to the recipient, which significantly shortens the transport time. In addition, the organization of transport and its coordination takes much less time.

- Full truckload transport is also less likely to damage the goods during unloading. In addition, the carrier provides personalized customer service, which allows for individual adjustment of requirements, because it does not have to serve several customers during one transport.

- Consequently, FTL transport allows for greater flexibility in choosing the schedule for the collection and delivery of goods. It is also easier to track the shipment in real time, thanks to which the customer can be calm about deadlines and plan possible changes.

Full truckload transport, even though it is intended for one customer, still needs to be planned for the appropriate distribution of goods. Goods should be properly secured against transport not only by belts or bubble wrap, but also by proper distribution. This prevents the goods from moving on the semi-trailer, overloading the vehicle axle and damaging the goods. Overloading the axle can lead to a vehicle failure, as a consequence, even an accident and, in the event of a roadside inspection, a high financial penalty. Despite renting the entire cargo space, it is worth taking care of the optimal distribution of goods, because thanks to this you can transport as many goods as possible during one trip. By properly arranging the goods, we also facilitate the unloading process, which reduces the time and effort involved in this process. Smartload - professional loading planning, can help in organizing transport. The application also allows you to check the load on the vehicle's axles to prevent overloading. Come in and check it out for a 14 day for free!


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