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Terms and conditions

§1 Definitions

User - a natural or legal person who has an account created at smartload.pl using the register form.

The owner of the smartload.pl website - entity Smartload.pl

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§2 The task of smartload.pl software
The smartload.pl software is designed to support the distribution of loads on transport vehicles. Each time the correctness of the generated layout must be checked by the User, before it is actually used. The program allows the user to manually adjust the arrangement, and the user is each time ultimately responsible for the arrangement of the goods and all the related aspects and consequences.

§3 Limitation of liability and rules of registration
1. The owner of the smartload.pl website is not responsible for the consequences of using the software, in particular for:
- charges resulting from the use of printouts, exports and files from the website and / or their misinterpretation or inaccuracy of the smartload.pl algorithm
- failure to transport the goods defined in the materials from the smartload.pl website
- in particular, the owner of the smartload.pl website is not responsible for any financial burdens caused by the program's operation, directly or indirectly.
2. The layout and generated numerical data are generalized and it is always necessary to verify their correctness and accuracy, which is on the user's side.
3. Before purchasing a paid package, the user has the option to test the available program functions free of charge (TRIAL), which allows the user to decide whether to purchase a paid package (PREMIUM).
4. The subscription fee applies to the functions included in the smartload.pl program at the time of payment. The user is not entitled to a refund if the scope of functions proves to be insufficient after the payment has been made.
5. The user has the right to apply for new functions of the program, accepting the fact that some new functions or changes to algorithms may be included in the paid subscription or be additionally payable. In the case of paid functions, the user may order such functions in the program, after prior approval of the valuation provided by electronic means.
6. Within one organization (company, association, partnership, etc.), only 1 test account may be established.  Subsequent accounts within a given organization can only be paid accounts.

§4 Acceptance of the regulations
By registering on the website, the user accepts these regulations.

§5 Consent for communication
The owner of the smartload.pl website does not like spam and does not send it out himself. Every 2 weeks, we inform users about new functions of the smartload.pl system. Each user can unsubscribe from the newsletter database at any time by clicking the Unsubscribe button in the newsletter message.