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Check the account price after the trial period

The trial month does not create any purchase commitments

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If you select more users, you will fill in their login details in the settings.


SaaS license - software as a service


14 days free - test without obligation

  • loading of an unlimited number of vehicles
  • own dimensions of loads and vehicles
  • sharing the loading project in JPG / PDF
  • importing own loads from Excel
  • weight control - progress bar
  • suggesting a larger vehicle
  • grouping of palettes, colors and group labels
  • limiting flooring height
  • sea transport service
  • arranging groupage loads on pallets (e.g. for FMCG)
  • No credit card
  • No automatic renewal
  • After the trial period, you will decide if you want to buy an account for PLN 35 per month or PLN 10 per week or longer
  • If you do nothing - the account will automatically expire
  • no additional fees
On premise license - a license with local implementation in the customer's infrastructure
In-house servers

On-premise means that IT resources are entirely within the enterprise and data is not transferred physically outside the company. The implementation in this version of the license meets the requirements of the data security policy. The implementation may be accompanied by additional services:

  • - integration with systems operating within the company
  • - implementation of additional data security mechanisms
  • - modification or development of dedicated functionalities