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How does summer season affect the TSL industry?

How does summer season affect the TSL industry?

Every industry has its seasonality. In road transport, holidays are a difficult time due to the holiday season. The result is a decrease in the number of available cars and drivers on the market. However, this is not the only logistical challenge during the summer.

The challenges of the summer season

Logistical problems, apart from staff shortages, are also related to numerous road repairs. Due to the favorable weather conditions, in many places the authorities decide to renovate the surface. This has a huge impact on the capacity of roads on which numerous congestion forms. The situation is further exacerbated by increased traffic on motorways near popular tourist destinations. Many countries also introduce traffic bans, some roads are closed due to summer events, holidays and renovations.

Driver shortages are particularly acute in some manufacturing industries that are experiencing peak seasons. These are companies producing radio and television equipment and household appliances, construction products (due to the renovation season), school supplies and companies dealing in the distribution of fresh fruit and vegetables. In addition, drivers, in addition to problems on the route, must, among others, face the high temperature in the cabin, which in extreme cases even threatens their health.

The above-mentioned difficulties are also a challenge for specialists in transport organization, because they often have to look for additional loads. The transport of LTL loads requires additional and efficient loading planning and proper placement of goods on the semi-trailer.

How to deal with the problem of seasonality?

In the case of a production company that is in constant cooperation with the carrier, it is worth setting up a vacation plan for drivers in advance, and planning substitutions. Moreover, if possible, it is advisable to hire additional seasonal workers. Temporary employment agencies are often helpful in solving staff shortages. Some production plants also use transport exchanges, which in this case is also a reasonable solution. This makes it easier to find a free vehicle that could transport the goods to the customer.

Drivers, on the other hand, should remember to check the air conditioning before the route, and ensure that there is an adequate amount of drinking water in their cabin. If there is such a possibility or air conditioning does not work, it is worth getting an additional portable fan. The vehicle should always be checked before the route, but especially in the summer it is necessary to control the amount of coolant. It is also worth paying attention to the tires, which under the influence of high temperatures may be damaged, which in turn may result in an accident while driving. Therefore, forwarders in the summer period should take into account possible additional difficulties on the route when planning the route and delivery time.

All the advances in technology can be helpful during this period. The transport uses the order management system (TMS), through which the driver has all the necessary information about loading and unloading. These systems help with communication and navigation and route planning. Thanks to this, it is easier to determine the expected delivery time, which is especially important in the summer season due to the previously mentioned logistic problems.

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