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SmartLoad functions

SMARTLOAD is a tool that allows you to plan the optimal way of arranging loading in any cargo space (vehicle, container, pallet).

Example of loading the cargo space (Bus) with your own cargo.


The starting point for planning loading is selecting the cargo space and defining the loading parameters. The result of the algorithm is a visualization of the loading with visible information about the loading: weight, dimensions, quantity, label, color. These parameters can be modified at any time during project creation. After completing the project, the user can save it in the format of their choice, with all the necessary parameters and visualization.



➡ Possibility for the user to define their own cargo spaces and loadings and save them as a template,

➡ Saving loading visualizations in several formats: PDF, XLS, JPG and the ability to share the project and select loading views that interest the user (3D, 2D, side1, side2, front, top),

➡ Catalog of created projects that can be searched using selected filters,

➡ Possibility of arranging general cargo on a pallet,

➡ Importing a file with your own loads in the form of an XLS file,

➡ Changing units of length and weight,

➡ Ability to check how much free space is left and how much is already occupied,

➡ Determining the stackability, protrusion and color of loads,

➡ Stacking loads on entire floors,

➡ Control over the load on the vehicle axles,

➡ Randomly selecting cargo colors,

➡ After adding loads without selecting a space - the application will suggest itself

➡ Possibility to make corrections during visualization,

➡ Option to undo the action in case of an error or restore the previous setting,

➡ Editing the cargo space during loading,

➡ Quickly add loads, scroll through the list of loads, manually arrange them according to order, and group them by selecting them on the list or visualization,

➡ Creating catalogs and organizing projects,

➡ Option to measure how much free space is left in the cargo space in a selected place,

➡ Possibility to add your own company logo to the loading project.

and a lot more!


Example of loading the cargo space (Euro pallet) with your own loads.


To discover the full capabilities of the Smartload application, we encourage you to register for free. Every new user has the opportunity to take advantage of a free and non-binding trial period!