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Truck driver - job specifics

Truck driver - job specifics

International Professional Driver's Day this year falls on May 12. On this occasion, it is worth recalling some facts about the work of a driver, because it is a very responsible and demanding profession. In addition, it is extremely necessary that thanks to the drivers the entire logistics chain works properly.

Qualified and experienced drivers in transport companies are the foundation of a thriving enterprise. The driver not only delivers the goods, but is also often responsible for the way the cargo is loaded on the semi-trailer, its safety and timely delivery. In addition, in the event of an unforeseen situation during transport, he is often the first to make the right decision, e.g. to change the route.

The specifics of the truck driver's job

In addition to the right to drive heavy goods vehicles, the driver should have several predispositions needed to perform the profession. A good driver is characterized by the ability to maintain concentration, due to the need to drive a vehicle for many hours, often on a monotonous and well-known route. In addition, the driver must be prepared for unexpected situations, delay in loading, problems on the road, unexpected technical problem with the vehicle. So it's worth it to be patient and stress resistant. In the case of drivers driving on international routes, you need to be prepared for the need to be away from home often, due to the length of the route. At the same time, drivers often cannot complain about boredom or monotony of work, because they often have the opportunity to visit many countries on the route or during breaks. For many people, such challenges and unusual working hours may be an additional advantage for some people.

Requirements and responsibilities of a professional truck driver

Drivers are primarily required to have a valid driving license entitling them to drive trucks over 3.5 tons (C, C+E or D+E category). In addition, good general health, confirmed by medical examinations in accordance with occupational medicine and positive psychological tests. The duties of the driver may vary depending on the company and the signed contract. One of the basic activities of the driver is, of course, timely and safe delivery of goods to the designated place. In addition, the driver often supervises the process of loading and unloading the semi-trailer. It should be checked whether the goods are properly secured before transport, whether their location does not affect their safety and whether the vehicle axles are not overloaded. This is very important, because the driver may later be responsible for any damage to the goods or breaking the road rules in force in a given country. This is connected with the verification of the CMR transport documents, checking the actual condition of the goods, because the employer may charge the employee for any shortages in the goods. The driver should also take care of the vehicle he drives, report any defects immediately. If the driver fails to comply with the above obligations, the driver may be financially liable under a previously concluded contract with the employer.

A way to avoid possible problems during loading may be the Smartload application. The program allows you to quickly check the optimal distribution of goods, so that they take up as little space as possible and additionally do not burden the vehicle axle.