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Benefits of Lean Management

Benefits of Lean Management

Lean Management is managing an enterprise in such a way as to maximize profits and minimize possible losses. Effective implementation of the method requires the involvement of the entire team, appropriate work organization and systematicity.

A Lean Management strategy in a manufacturing company can have a positive impact on efficiency, shortening production time and costs, as well as improving the quality of products. An example of a company that has been using this philosophy for years is the Japanese company Toyota. The universal nature of the strategy makes it suitable for various enterprises, regardless of the industry.

What is Lean Management?

The main assumptions of this concept include, among others: continuous and gradual improvement of processes (Kaizen), elimination of losses and surpluses (Just In Time), ensuring the value of the product for the customer, employee involvement, production balance and its smooth flow. Extending the above concepts, this method focuses on identifying customer values in order to focus activities on appropriate processes in the company. Lean Management also means monitoring and maintaining machinery in order to avoid unnecessary downtime. The strategy emphasizes the production of only the necessary amount of goods that are in demand, without unnecessary surpluses. The “Just In time” method also applies to the warehouse of spare parts for production machines. Based on the analyses, the appropriate number of elements is purchased, minimizing storage costs. In turn, continuous improvement of processes according to Kaizen strives for a situation in which the efficiency and quality of production are maximized. At the same time, we ensure a friendly working environment that has a positive impact on the efficiency of the entire team. It is also worth focusing on the Kaizen philosophy due to its assumptions, among others: short planning time, small investments, cooperation, but above all, small steps in achieving the goal.

What benefits does Lean Management provide and how to achieve them?

Managing a company in accordance with Lean Management provides many tangible benefits. If, thanks to thoroughness and perseverance, you manage to implement this method, after some time you can observe an increase in production efficiency, reduced losses, and better use of company resources. In addition, you gain control over inventories and increase competitiveness in a given industry thanks to continuous improvement of the quality of offered products (or services). At the same time, you achieve flexibility that allows you to adapt to the constantly changing market. Additionally, improving team relations thanks to efficient communication and a team approach. As a result, all factors translate into increased customer satisfaction. To sum up, it is worth considering the following issues in order to effectively manage the company in the spirit of the Lean Management strategy:

1. Determine the values that guide the customer when purchasing. Then focus on the selected production processes that support them.
2. List the company's priorities, strategies for implementing them and solutions to possible problems. An example may be the desire to reduce the waste of resources, where the solution will be the "Just in Time" strategy.
3. Ensure the maintenance of machinery in order to maintain smooth production and limit machine downtime.
4. Continuous development of the company and striving for perfection according to Kaizen philosophy.

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