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We are constantly developing. In October, we introduced several new features and improvements to the app:


1. Selecting own loads - to select all loads, select the empty box at the top of the list of own loads. You can also mark the selected ones and add the number of loads. Thanks to this, you can add loads faster for visualization, modify stackability and determine their color.

2. Select your fleet - when logging in for the first time, a prompt will be displayed to select your fleet. For example, if you have only buses, select them and the application will arrange loads only between selected cargo spaces, then click SAVE. Remember! You can modify the fleet settings at any time by going to the User Panel -> Settings -> Select your fleet.

3. Project name in the file to be exported - after completing the visualization, you can download the file along with the project name. Thanks to this, after sending several projects to the warehouse or to the loading person, you can quickly distinguish them, avoiding possible errors and misunderstandings.

4. Font enlargement / reduction - now you can adjust the font dimensions depending on the size of the load. This makes the design more readable. To increase or decrease the font of the cargo markings, click the symbol A - (decrease) A + (increase).

5. Entering the weight of loads with a comma - from now on you can enter the weight of loads with a comma - thanks to this you can define the weight of the goods more accurately.

6. Removal of loads - we have introduced an improvement whereby loads outside the vehicle are also removed when you click DELETE LOAD.

7. Adding a large number of small goods - we have improved the algorithm, thanks to which it is possible to place a very large number of small loads. This option is useful when distributing goods, e.g. on sea containers, during international exports and imports. From now on, 1500 pieces or more are no problem!

8. Adding application languages ​​- the ability to switch to the following languages: English, German and Spanish.

9. Earthing of loads - the latest improvement, but equally important, was the grounding of loads. Now loads move more easily and can be placed more precisely in a specific place. This is due to the improvement of several functions, i.e. drag & drop, grounding, attracting and protruding the load. These functions are subject to constant improvement.