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Loading planner for freight forwarding and transport for professional use

Loading planner for freight forwarding and transport for professional use

Loading planner for freight forwarding and transport for professional use.

Plan your loading operations in 2 simple steps!

Define dimensions and type of a load. Each load or set of loads can be marked with a different colour, number or text label.

e.g. PALLET TYPE:  EUR pallet 120 x 80 x 100

You can define custom pallet dimensions or pallet group parameters:

Load dimensions, Customise colour, Customise stackability (Total, Passive, Active)

The system will automatically suggest the best vehicle for the load and arrange the goods. You can adjust (drag & drop) the arrangement manually.


Improvement of customer support standard by freight forwarder.

Provide the order with a PDF or JPG file containing goods arrangement. A loading plan will underscore your professionalism as a freight forwarder.

Provide LDM and m3 on a regular basis.

When you add subsequent loads, SmartLoad provides you with occupied and available cargo space in the vehicle.
SmartLoad also displays occupied and available vehicle internal volume in m3. You will know right away if another load will fit!

Now a group of pallets can have its own colour.

If you plan additional loading, visual division of the pallets from one customer from the pallets of another customer can be crucial. Mark non-stackable pallets with one colour, and stackable pallets with a different one. Clarity and legibility of a loading plan will emphasize its professional character.

Active and passive pallet stackability.

Active stackable [PA] pallet — a pallet that can be placed on another stackable pallet.

Passive stackable [PP] pallet — a pallet on which another pallet can be placed.

A pallet can have any, none or both of these features. If a pallet has both of these features, it can be placed on another pallet and another pallet can be placed on top of it. If a pallet has none of these features, it must be placed on the floor uncovered.

For freight forwarder: reduction of transport costs up to 35%.

Calculate in a flash if you can add a load. Eurostat estimates that 35% of vehicles in Europe run empty. SmartLoad will allow you to quickly determine if your vehicle accommodates an additional load. Do not include non-standard pallets on a sheet of paper. SL will do it for yourself — in the blink of an eye!