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Loading planner for freight forwarding and transport for professional use

Loading planner for freight forwarding and transport for professional use

Smartload is a tool that allows you to plan the optimal way of arranging loading in any cargo space (vehicle, container, pallet). An advanced algorithm allows you to create a visualization thanks to which the user can check how to arrange the goods and what type of space they need to transport their load. This solution allows you to estimate transport costs and saves time, compared to the traditional method of loading planning!


Start by selecting or defining your own cargo space (vehicle, container, pallet). If you don't know how much space you will need, skip this step and add loads immediately. The application itself will suggest the appropriate vehicle to transport your goods.



Choose typical or create your own loads that you can modify as you wish. You can determine, among others: stackability of the load, the possibility of rotation or marking it with an appropriate color. You can also implement loads in the form of a file, saving time in the case of complex loads. Then the application will create a visualization with a loading proposal.

Finally, you can send the finished project to the warehouse or to your colleagues!


➡️ Minimizing the costs of transport and delivery of goods to the customer
➡️ Maximum use of cargo space
➡️ Increased quality of customer service by the forwarder or supplier
➡️ Save time when planning transport
➡️ Minimizing the probability of error when planning loading
➡️ Employment reduction
➡️ Choosing the best cargo space
➡️ Reducing exhaust emissions
➡️ No need to install the program