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We are not slowing down in improving the application, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the novelties introduced in November.


1. New view when adding own loads - we have introduced the possibility of determining the stackability, rotation of loads and their protrusion already at the stage of defining loads. This will significantly improve adding loads to the visualization, especially if you use the option "Defining a load immediately places it in the cargo area".



2. Cargo rotation - we have added the ability to adjust cargo rotation.

Rotate freely means that the load can be turned in any direction or placed to the side/back if this allows better distribution of the load. It is worth selecting this option when the load does not need to be transported in a specific standing or lying position.

Block stacking means that the load will not be rotated in any direction, even if it would allow better placement. If the load only needs to be transported in a specific position, select this option.

This function is especially useful if you have many loads of non-standard dimensions to transport. In this case, it is worth not selecting the "Keep loading order" and "Arrange by whole floors" option so that the application can optimally distribute the loads.



3. Group selection and deletion of own loads - we have introduced the possibility of selecting all own loads and removing them using the "X" button. In addition, now you can add the amount of individual loads.

4. Automatic refresh of the placement after changing the settings - from now on, after changing the loading space settings, i.e.: "Keep loading order", "Random colors of loads" and "Stack by whole floors", the application automatically refreshes the arrangement of loads, adjusting them to the selected parameters. You no longer have to remember to select them before adding loads.

5. New palette view - we have changed the palette view to a more realistic one, so that it is better visible in the visualization.


6. New typical pallets - we have added new pallets to the list for typical cargo spaces, thanks to which you can arrange groupage goods even faster.

7. Quick access to the settings - by clicking on the visible filters, you can go to the cargo space settings in an even faster way.



8. Cancel function - when entering large amounts of loads, the application sometimes needs time to optimally distribute the loads. If the waiting time is too long for you or you made a mistake while adding loads, you can now cancel this placement.

9. Possibility to enter up to 3000 pieces of cargo - now placing general cargo, e.g. on a container, is even easier!