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Types of transport vehicles

Types of transport vehicles


The purpose and task of the forwarder is, among others, to make the correct choice of cargo space appropriate for a given goods, its packaging, legal conditions and customer requirements in the context of the ordered transport.


The first step to achieving the above goal is to know the different cargo spaces and be able to recognize their purpose. The following article can help.


In road transport, we distinguish several types of trucks depending on the type of body, including:


  • Tarpaulin - one of the most popular vehicles, due to the versatility and ease of loading and transporting various types of goods. They can be loaded from either side: side, top and back. The whole thing is closed, thanks to which the transported goods are protected against weather conditions.


  • Curtain - one of the varieties of the tarpaulin body. It also facilitates loading and unloading, but in this case sideways. The name comes from the construction of the vehicle, because the curtain is mounted on the side on special guides.


  • Box - a vehicle with an open cargo space with an open top, side boards and the tailgate are opened. Such a vehicle is suitable, for example, when transporting construction equipment.


  • Tipper - i.e. a moving box. In this case, the box can tilt to the side or to the rear, which allows for quick unloading of loose materials, e.g. sand.


  • Cold store - in this case, the body is equipped with a cooling unit, which allows to maintain a constant temperature. An isotherm, on the other hand, is a type of body whose materials keep the heat inside the vehicle. Useful when transporting food or medical products


  • Tanker - a vehicle equipped with a tank for gases, liquids or solids (e.g.

grain silos) that cannot be transported on standard trailers.


  • Containers - characterized by the assembly of a special container in the built-in part. It must be fully adapted to the needs of such a car.


Below we present a detailed table with the types and description of individual cargo spaces:







8EP 420 x 220 x 220 cm   |  1,500 kg
10EP 490 x 220 x 230 cm  |  1,500 kg
12EP 520 x 230 x 230 cm  |  3,500 kg

Beavertail truck


Length from 400 cm and width from 200 cm. The beavertail truck falls into the category of heavy commercial vehicles — to carry a passenger car weighing 1,200–1,400 kg, its gross weight must be at least 2,000 kg.

Solo truck


10EP 400.8 x 241 x 280 cm   |  1,500 kg
15EP 620 x 245 x 240 cm  |  5,000 kg
18EP 720 x 245 x 240 cm  |  6,000 kg
20EP 820 x 245 x 240 cm  |  8,000 kg

Side curtain truck 13.6 Standard

Firanka 13,6 Standard

33EP 1,360 x 245 x 270 cm   |  24,000 kg

Side curtain truck 13.6 MEGA

Firanka 13,6 MEGA

Mega 33EP 1,360 x 250 x 300 cm | 24,000 kg

Side curtain truck 13.6 BDE

Firanka 13,6 DBE

33EP 1,360 x 250 x 300 cm   |  24,000 kg
with adjustable sideboard width

Walking floor


Available capacities:
80 m3, 87 m3, 92 m3, 96 m3
55 m3 — option, 70 m3 — option
Floor thickness:
6 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm

20-foot container

Kontener 20'

External dimensions (L x W x H):
5.9 m x 2.35 m x 2.395 m
Door dimensions (W x H):
2.34 m x 2.292 m
Tare weight: 2,370 kg
Payload capacity:
volume: 33.2 m3,
weight: 28,230 kg

40-foot container

Kontener 40'

External dimensions (L x W x H):
12.032 m x 2.352 m x 2.395 m
Door dimensions (W x H):
2.34 m x 2.292 m
Tare weight: 3,980 kg
Payload capacity:
volume: 66.7 m3,
weight: 28,470 kg

45-foot container

Kontener 45'

External dimensions (L x W x H):
13,553 m x 2,426 m x 2,684 m
Door dimensions (W x H):
2,374 m x 2,568 m
Tare weight: 4,450 kg
Payload capacity:
volume: 88.7 m3,
weight: 29,050 kg

Coilmulde 13.6

Coilmulde 13,6

External dimensions (L x W x H):
13.62 x 2.48 x 2.75 m
13.62 x 2.48 x 3 m
Mulde length: from 7 m to 9.2 m
Number of pallet positions: 33
Payload capacity: 25,000 kg
Intended purpose: e.g. transportation of steel coils

Koffer 13.6

Koffer 13,6

33EP 1,360 x 245 x 270 cm   |  24,000 kg

Insulated body truck 13.6

Izoterma 13,6

33EP 1,360 x 245 x 270 cm   |  24,000 kg
Maintains stable temperature as a vacuum flask.
No cooling unit provided.
Thermo In German.

Refrigerated truck 13.6

Chłodnia 13,6

Kerb weight — 9,000 kg
Permissible payload capacity — 22,000 kg
Loading volume — 85 m3
Length — 13.31 m, width — 2.48 m, height — 2.60 m
Loading width — 2.46 m
Loading height — 2.60 m
Maintains constant temperature for transportation of food, fruit or vegetables.

Hook lift 13.6

Hakowiec 13,6

Hook lift 8–12 T (4X2)
Hook lift 10–24 T (6X6)
Hook lift 15–24 T (6X4)
Hook lift 20–26 T (8X4)
Used for municipal, construction and forwarding purposes (containers).

Truck 15.4 (7.7 + 7.7)

Zestaw 15,4

Spatial trucks — TANDEMS
7.7 m + 7.7 m or 8.1 m + 7.3 m
Width: 2.48 m
Height: up to 3 m
Payload capacity: 23.5 t

Platform 13.6

Platforma 13,6

Low-loader platforms
Length: up to 15 m without permits
Width: 2.48 m without permits
Height: up to 3 m without permits
Payload capacity: up to 45 t


Platforma podkontenerowa

A skeletal semi-trailer with fixed structure is used for transportation of 20-foot to 45-foot containers.
Options: generator to supply refrigerated containers, aluminium rails for minimum kerb weight. The semi-trailers can be provided with a TÜV certificate, an ADR certificate (for hazardous substances) or a Huckepack certificate.

Extended trailer / flatbed trailer / Semi

Platforma Semi

Length: up to 37 m / extended
Width: 2.75–3 m
Height: approx. 3–3.15 m
Payload capacity: up to 60 t
Loading method: open semi-trailer
Intended purpose: tractors, oversized machinery, oversized components



Length: up to 25 m
Height: approx. 3.3–3.75 m
Payload capacity: up to 35 t
Loading method: open semi-trailer

Special low-loading platforms

Specjalistyczne niskopodwoziowe

Baggerbrücke semi-trailer
4-axle mulde semi-trailer
Semi tele-trailer 48 m
Talesattel semi-trailer 29–48 m



the so-called stepframe low loader
2-axle Tiefbett semi-trailer
3-axle Tiefbett semi-trailer
4-axle Tiefbett semi-trailer
4-axle Tiefbett semi-trailer + dolly
4-axle Tiefbett semi-trailer + 2 x dolly
3-axle Kesselbrücke semi-trailer
3-axle Kesselbrücke semi-trailer + dolly
4-axle Kesselbrücke semi-trailer
4-axle Kesselbrücke semi-trailer + dolly

Knuckle-boom crane


Knuckle-boom crane parameters: knuckle-boom crane
33TM — Palfinder — PK 32080D.
max. working height — 18 m
max. working height with swing-away jib — 28 m
max. working radius — 24.5 m range
additional hydraulic swing-away jib 10 m
crane lifting capacity — 6.7 t at 4 m



STB fuel tanker
Gross volume V: 38 m3
Net volume: 36.1 m3
Material: Alustar/Elongal
Tank wall thickness: min. 5.0 mm
Working temperature: From -20 to +50°C
Test pressure: 0.25 + h bar
Empty vehicle weight: 5,800 kg
Theoretical payload capacity: 29,3000 kg



Internal volume: from 45 to 67 m 3
Min. weight: 5,950 kg
Internal length: 11,200 mm
Internal height: from 1,650 to 2,400 mm



Width: 2,550 mm
Length: 13,400 mm
Height: 3,780 mm
Tank volume: 51,000 dm3 – 53,000 dm3
3 chambers (15,000, 21,000–23,000, 15,000) baffle plate in chambers I, III, cover dimensions ⌀
300 mm, ⌀ 500 mm
Tank material: acid-resistant steel — 1.4571, Z6CNDT17.


Now choosing the right space should not be a problem for you. If you still do not know what cargo space will be appropriate to accommodate your loading, register and try our loading planner for free.